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A Walk in the Woods

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The Bluebell Wood
Spotted on the Bough
Beauty Amid the Bluebells
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Spring Bursts Forth
Back to Nature
A Mystic Encounter
Mystic Encounter: My daughter has a wonderful little statue which I have long admired, and so photographed. Curious as to the meaning of the half girl/half snake, I was given the following explanation which I thought you might find interesting.

The Najas or Nagas are in Hindu mythology a race of powerful intelligent beings who also live on earth (mainly in underground palaces under forests) and have a seperate civilisation. They have the ability to shape-shift, and can therefore appear in any guise, human shape and snake shape being two particlar favourites of theirs. They are said to own great treasure, and to be very wise. They sometimes give guidance and instruction to humans, and often do this by appearing in a human form. They often punish misdeeds and do this in the cobra form. Venerated in India as protectors of knowledge and dispensers of justice. Normally symbolically depicted as half-snake (to indicate their power) and half human (to indicate their intelligence and spirituality), and wearing jewelery to indicate their status and cultural sophistication.

In mythology real Nagas are often encountered in forest settings, and they do guard the forest in as much as their view on dispensing justice is not human-centric and some forests are their domains.