Repairing Old Photographs

Sometimes they come in one piece, but quite often the remnants are handed over in an envelope...

All in little pieces

Back together again

A picture received in pieces

The finished repair

Much worse is when they have been repaired in the past with old discoloured transparent tape, or had coffee spilt on them. A recent one turned out to be a copied photo, taken without removing the mildew that covered the original! Made cleaning it up a bit tricky.

Worn and frayed around the edges

Cleaned up

This photo was creased and dog-eared, but looked a lot better after Betty had finished with it.

Sometimes the emulsion sticks to the facing page and when the album is opened a huge blank space is left in the picture. One needs imagination to repair one of these!

Another task altogether is to create a photograph that never existed!

Three separated sisters

These pictures of three sisters who were unable to be together...

A get-together for the family album

...were combined into one picture for the family album!

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