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Some Short Stories written by Peter and Betty


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Computers had opened a new world for Samantha Samuels, who was now confined to a wheelchair. Her programming skills had earned her a new job with the Allied & Northern Bank. It was not that she found herself in an all-male environment that made her apprehensive, but rather that her new colleagues were obviously expecting something to happen...
 Richard Sutherland, a Geologist researching the Cretaceous ammonites split a rock to discover a metallic artefact that must have been buried there for millions of years. His investigations led him to a long dead world and soon he was fighting for his life....
 Penny's accountant husband resented her hobby, and confiscated the valuable cover she had bought. It took a stranger to show him that hobbies could also be profitable.
Big Jack, a fur trapper in the Canadian backwoods, learns that his old mate Oslo has gone in search of a 'hidden valley' that has hardly been touched by man since trapping began. He decides to take a look himself, and sets out to follow Oslo. He asks help from the Mounties in their helicopter, but will it come in time?
 Young Phuti, a refugee from Burundi, trying to build a life for himself in Bristol, hides from his tormenters in a scrapyard where he stumbles upon a real treasure. But he will face many problems before it can be his.
 Richard Lamborne had met up with an old caving friend who he had not seen for years, and after a fairly boozy evening had been persuaded to visit a new cavern that had just been opened up. He almost cried off when he caught his first glimpse of the entrance, but pride compelled him to go on. If he had only known....